Gracia Alta (born 12th October 2026) is a 7-year old from Spain, her father, Amando died in a bullfighting incident that left her with one of her fingers damaged.


Gracia wears a red dress with sandals, she has tanned skin and brown hair in a bun.


Unlike most PETA members, she doesn't seem to care less about fast-food resturaunts,during a PETA campaign, she said "I couldn't care less.", she is also emotionless and calm-looking, and has lack of emotion, but witnessed sadness when her father died. She thinks that zoos are good places. In Alta Family, it has been revealed that she joined PETA Kids just to save animals from being killed for clothes and to protect them from being attacked by her brother Cayo.

Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Arnado Alta (deceased: 1992-2025)
  • Mother: Ania Alta (née: Vazquez; 1994-)
  • Brothers: Antonio Alta (2022-), Cayo Alta (2025-), Carlos Alta (2027-)
  • Sisters: Abella Alta (2021-), Adora Alta (2021-), Estella Alta (2023-), Idoya Alta (2033-)
  • Aunts: Rebecca Vazquez- , Kalila Vazquez, Bonita Alta, Steffi Alta, Kara Vazquez, Virginia Vazquez, Clara Vazquez, Dante Vazquez
  • Uncles: Ronaldo Vazquez, Stefan Alta, Roberto Vazquez, Lou Alta
  • Cousins: Jose Alta, Deanne Alta, Rico Alta, Adrianne Alta, Bruce Vazquez
  • Grandmothers: Caren Alta (née: Nibble; -), Narcy Vazquez (née: Beard; -)
  • Grandfathers: Jacques Alta ( -), Willi Vazquez ( -)


  • She joined the PETA at the age of 6
  • Her full name is Gracia Carmen-Denisa Alta


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