The Gosuckmy****-Chapman Family is a fanon season 26 episode of Supernanny. Gloria visits Sydney, Australia to meet the most stubborn and selfish mother she has ever encountered. Please Gosuckmy**** (40)....Whoa, whoa, whoa. Timeout. PLEASE GOSUCKMY****?! That's right. Her original name was Katrina Chapman and changed her name to Please J. Gosuckmy****. She is married to River Chapman, age 44. They have 3 kids: Maurice, age 17, and identical twins Cookie and Chameleon (3). Maurice is well-behaved and acts as a third parent, but the twins are far from that. They demand for a sugar packed diet, ruin holidays, throw tantrums, torture their pet bulldog, Bruiser and swear. Please is the most stubborn, lazy, violent and selfish mother Gloria has ever encountered. She has over 100 discipline methods she uses (such as cold water, hot sauce, spankings, pull ears, cold showers, soap in the mouth, letting Bruiser the bulldog attack the kids, tape to the wall, etc). She also hangs out with her friends and they cause mischief like breaking into houses and stealing expensive stuff and scamming people. Will Gloria be able to make Please become a generous woman and get this family back on track? This episode marks an issue of the Naughty Pit, Super Naughty Pit, Selfish Tame, Essay Order, and Thought Box.