The Goodman Family is a fanon season 29 episode of Supernanny. Molly O'Bree visits Christchurch, New Zealand to meet a widowed father named Leopold, age 29, who lost his wife due to breast cancer 2 years ago. He has 7 daughters: Nadia, age 8, Gemma, age 7, identical triplets Shona, Jackie and Fiona, age 3, and twins Megan and Miriama, age 2. Shona and Gemma are the only well-behaved daughters and Gemma has an upcoming birthday party. Nadia takes pain and grief out on her father emotionally by violently and verbally abusing him. She also swears, menaces Gemma by attacking and abusing her mentally and refuses to do her homework, do chores and go to school. She is even nearly expelled from school! Jackie and Fiona hurt their triplet sister Shona, scream, kick, throw tantrums and cause a fuss at the dining table. The twins refuse to give up on pacifiers and bottles, eat their meals, stay in bed or go to nursery school, throw tantrums and act up in public. Jackie, Fiona and Nadia also make fun of Shona for wearing glasses. Can Molly sort these problems out? This episode marks an issue of the Reflection Room (for Nadia), Naughty Pit (for Jackie, Fiona, Megan, and Miriama), Thought Box (for Gemma), Toy Confiscation (for Jackie, Fiona, Megan and Miriama), Lose What You Like Chart (for Nadia), Essay Order (for Nadia), Chore Chart, Homework Station, Dining Out Technique, Paci-Fairy technique, Bye Bye Bottle, Roaming Technique, Rise & Shine, Good Eater, and Birthday Planner.

Transcripts for Theory GamesEdit

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