Jo Frost-11-25-11
In this episode, Jo heads to Nashville, TN to help a single mother and her four children. Becky-Sue Gooch (37) lost her husband Richard to colorectal cancer six months ago and this terrible tragedy has taken its toll on her and the children. Eldest child Charlie (12) refuses to do his homework and calls his mother bad names but other than that, he is well-behaved. However, it's his triplet siblings Lilly, Andrew and Madison (all 7) that are the worst behaved. Lilly spits, swears, talks smack and screams at her mother, Andrew cries to get his mother's attention and Madison refuses to sleep in her own bed. Becky-Sue is so overwhelmed that she has desperately turned to Jo for help. Will she help this grieving family or will the triplets overpower her?

Discipline techniques used: Reflection Room (for Charlie) and Naughty Couch (for Lilly, Andrew and Madison)

Other techniques used: Stay in Bed, Homework Area, Chore Chart and Toy Confiscation

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