Before the Revolving Line of CreditsEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny...Jo visits Boulder, Colorado..."

[Jo rings the doorbell]

[Abelinda screams]

Announcer: " meet the Gomez Family, who has 6 adopted kids from different foreign countries."

Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "Here I am in Boulder, Colorado ready to help another family. Let's take a look, shall we?"

???: "Hi, we're the Gomez Family. I'm Preston and I'm a neurologist."

???: "And I'm Winifred and I'm a fashion designer."

Preston: "We have 6 beautiful children that came into our family through adoption Abelinda is 5 years old and came from Germany, Barak is 4 years old and came from Hungary, Ji-min is 3 years old and came from South Korea, Eclair is 2 1/2 years old and came from France, Dulce is 2 years old and came from Mexico, and Aito is 22 months and came from Japan."

Winifred: "They do not understand English very well which gets them frustrated and angry and Ji-min just gets confused."

Observation BeginsEdit

Jo: "Nice to meet you, I'm Jo."

Winifred: "This is Aito, we adopted him from Japan."

Jo: "Hello, Aito. How are you, sweetie?"

[Aito looks at her with fear filled eyes and buries himself into Winifred's knee]

Winifred: "He's shy very shy"

Jo: "It's okay it's just me Jo-Jo."

[Aito shakes Jo's hand very shyly]

Winifred: "That over there is Dulce, she came home from Mexico. Barak was adopted from Hungary. Ji-min was adopted from South Korea 3 months ago."

Jo: "Who's that watching TV?"

Winifred: "That's Eclair, she came home from France 6 months ago."

Jo: "Hello."

[Ji-min looks at her, confused]

Winifred: "She doesn't understand."

Ji-min: "음, 조 안녕하세요. 오늘은 어떠세요?" (Translation: "Um, hello there Jo. How are you today?")

Jo: "Good, and you?"

Observation ContinuesEdit

Jo: "Later on, mom gathered the kids to take with her to go grocery shopping then buying Eclair a birthday present."

[Ji-min walks over to Eclair and Barak in a shy mood]

Ji-min: "I find it scared to go shopping with mommy."

Winifred: "Children, we need to buy Eclair a birthday present!"

Eclair: "Mon anniversaire est à venir!" (Translation: My birthday is coming up!)

Ji-min: "다시는 내 생일 였으면 좋겠네" (Translation: I wish it was my birthday again)

Eclair: "Alléger soeur, il sera un jour de votre anniversaire" (Translation: "Lighten up, sister! it will be your birthday someday!")

Ji-min: "좋아요" (Translation: Okay)

Jo: "It didn't take long for Abelinda to misbehave in public."

[Abelinda shoplifts a book about Germany]

Winifred: "Abelinda, honey, we can't buy this book today. Put it back where you found it."

Abelinda: "ICH WILL DIESES BUCH!" (Translation: "I WANT THIS BOOK!")

Winifred: "I told you to put it back."

[Abelinda screams]

Winifred: "Put it back or you'll be going on the Naughty Log when we get home."

[Abelinda throws the book at Winifred]

Winifred: "That's it. You're in trouble."

Eclair's 3rd BirthdayEdit

Jo: "Today was Eclair's birthday and she was having a Madeline-themed birthday party. Her friends from Pre-K and from class showed up."

Winifred: "Okay kids, Eclair doesn't understand our language very well because she is French."

[Jo is dressed as Miss Clavel and Eclair is dressed as Madeline]

[We see a candy buffet filled with blue, yellow and red candy]

[On the buffet table, we see some eclairs, elephant ears, ham and cheese croissants, a 3-tier cake, fruit, berries, cheese, crackers, freshly baked chocolate, raspberry and pistachio macaroons]

[The cousins arrive]

Jo: "There were some activities, such as painting, Madeline's Hat Parade and The Hunt for Genevieve,"


Winifred: "Kids, it's bedtime!"

Abelinda: "Schlafenszeit schon?" (translates to: "Bedtime already?")

Barak: "De nem hiszem, hogy lefekvés előtt még!" (translates to: "But I don't think it's bedtime yet!")

Winifred: "Come on, you need to go to sleep."

Abelinda: "Nicht!" (translates to: "No!")

Winifred: "Please."

Abelinda: "Ich bin nicht gehen bis bett!" (Translation: "I'm not going to bed!")

Barak: "Nem vagyok álmos!" (Translation: "I'm not sleepy!")

Dulce: "Yo tampoco!" (Translation: "Me neither!")

Jo: "It was a nightly struggle for mom and dad to get the kids into bed."

Parent MeetingEdit

House RulesEdit


Jo: "Later on, Eclair started playing up and was yelling at Winifred."

[Winifred is cooking dinner]

Eclair: "Vous tête stupide!" (Translation: You stupid head!)

Winifred: "Excuse me? I couldn't hear you. I'm busy cooking dinner."

[Aito is playing with Ji-Min]

[Eclair clings onto one of Winifred's legs and starts shouting louder]

Eclair: "Faire quelque chose avec moi ou je te tue!" (Translates to: "Do something with me or I will kill you!")

Winifred: "I can't be with you right now because I am cooking dinner."

Preston: "Eclair, mommy is trying to cook dinner."

Eclair: "" (Translation: "BUT THIS IDIOT CAN'T PLAY WITH ME!")

Preston: "Calm down, Eclair. You know what? Why don't you play with Ji-Min and Aito?"

Eclair: "" (Translation: "Mommy should play with me, too!")

Preston: "Eclair, stop this tantrum or you will be going to the Naughty Pit. Do you understand?"


Abelinda: "Nicht!" (Translates to: "No!")

Winifred: "Please stop it."

[Abelinda spits on Winifred's face]

Learn EnglishEdit

DVD MeetingEdit


Bye Bye Jo-JoEdit

Family UpdateEdit

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