Before the revolving line of creditEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny..."

Announcer: "Jo jets off to Frankfurt in Germany to help the Gloop Family."

Jurgen: "Shut up!"

Neville: "Go kill yourself!"

Submission ReelEdit

???: Hi, we're the Gloop family, I'm Augustus..."

???: And I'm Ava.

Both: "And we're from Frankfurt in Germany."

Augustus: "We have two sons, Neville, who's 10 years old..."

Ava: "And Jurgen, who's 7 years old."

Observation BeginsEdit

Jo Arrives at the Gloop DoorstepEdit

[Jo rings the doorbell]

AM MorningEdit

Ava: "Boys, time to go to school."

Observation ContinuesEdit

Parent MeetingEdit

The Phone CallEdit

Nicole: "Hello, who's calling?"

Augustus: "Augustus Gloop from Frankfurt in Germany, I have two sons, Neville who's 10 years old and Jurgen who's 7 year's old."

Nicole: "What are their problems, Augustus?"

Augustus: "Oh, they don't like to get up for school and swear their mouths off. What techniques should I introduce?"

Nicole: "Oh, I'd recommend the Lose What You Like Chart. And if your boys are naughty, I'd also like to recommend the Naughty Corner. Neville will sit in the corner for 10 minutes and Jurgen for 7 minutes. And if they swear, I suggest that you give them a Green Smoothie. Will that do for you, Augustus?"

Augustus: "All right."

Nicole: "Have a good day."

Augustus: "Danke Nicole." (Translation: "Thank you Nicole.")

House RulesEdit

Jo: "Rule No. 1 - Listen and do as you are told."

Naughty Corner and Lose What You Like ChartEdit

Jo: "Augustus, I would like you to give him a warning."

Jurgen: "(bleep) off!"

Augustus: "Jurgen, that is not a very nice word to say. So this is the first warning. If you "

Augustus: "All right Jurgen, you may now sit in the Naughty Corner, come on."

[Augustus takes Jurgen by his hand and places him in the Naughty Corner]

Augustus: " "

Roaming TechniqueEdit

Jo: "The boys are both ready for school and so I decided to introduce the Roaming Technique to Augustus."

Jo: "Augustus, if Jurgen runs ahead you need to hold up your hand and say 'stop!'."

Augustus: "If you don't listen to me saying 'stop!' then you will have to hold on to my hand. All right?"

Neville and Jurgen: "Yes."

Augustus: "Okay, boys, let's walk to school!"

Ava: "Have a good day at school, boys!"

[Jurgen walks along freely by Augustus, Jo and Neville]

Augustus: "Jurgen, stop!"

Neville: "Stop!"

[Jurgen stops]

Augustus: "Well done."

Augustus: "Neville, this way."

[Neville comes to Augustus' direction]

Green SmoothieEdit


Jo: "Augustus is now working at the restaurant, leaving Ava in charge with the boys."

Mommy and MeEdit

Family Test RunEdit

DVD MeetingEdit

Neville & Jurgen vs. the BabysitterEdit

Jo: "Augustus and Ava have decided to go out for dinner at the fancy restaurant called Marktwirt. So they decided to leave the boys with a young babysitter named Stephanie Dumais."

Stephanie: "I've got my babysitting notebook as normal so I can write down anything you can tell me."

Augustus: "Good girl. Now I want to show you something new here in this house that Jo gave me and Ava since her visit."

[Augustus shows Stephanie the boys' Naughty Corners]

Augustus: "These are going to be Neville and Jurgen's Naughty Corners so if their behavior is naughty you give them a warning and if they go on like this then they have to be placed there. Neville will stay in the corner for 10 minutes and Jurgen will stay there for 7 minutes."

[Stephanie writes all the information down in her babysitting notebook]

Augustus: "Now this here is the Lose What You Like Chart."

Stephanie: "Okay."

Augustus: "So if any of the boys are naughty, they will go on the Naughty Corner and you will take away any of their privileges."

[Ava hands Stephanie a long list of emergency numbers]

Ava: "And I also put in Marktwirt and its phone number, that's the name of our place where we'll be going tonight."


Auf Wiedersehen, Jo-JoEdit

[Jo and the Gloop family are at the airport where Jo's plane is waiting]

Family UpdateEdit

[The family are at Europa Park]

Augustus: "After Jo left, everything in this family was better than before."

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