Another Giuseppe Todaro (Born November 27th 1991) is Giuseppe Todaro's Another counterpart, who is a person from a pararell universe.


Unlike his Normal counterpart, he is a more slender, more younger-looking male wearing a WWI-era Italian uniform, he keeps a calm smile and has red eyes opposed to dark, one side of his eye is covered by hair, he also lacks the Hitler-esque mustache, giving him more of an attractive and teenaged appearance, he is a really below average weight due to being starved by his Normal Counterpart while in the Normal universe


Unlike his Normal counterpart, he is anti-social, calm, and doesn't agree with his Normal counterpart, thus making him more of a hero than a villain. He is also a vegetarian, as a result, he eats healthier than Normal Giuseppe Todaro, whom likes fried chicken and most fast-food resturaunts, he seems very disgraced being the Another counterpart to Giuseppe Todaro, and always stays behind when going to KFC or when his Normal counterpart grabbed his arm to get there, he also seems to like certain Italian foods.

Unlike his Normal counterpart, He stays very calm when playing Team Fortress 2 or any other first-person shooter, his deeds in the TF2 Tourament while in the Another universe led him and the Another Italy-UK team to be the 2nd popular rather than unpopular like the Normal Italy-UK team, as a result, he cosplayed, unlike his Normal counterpart.


Another Reicheru:

Another Kazuki:


  • Unlike his normal counterpart, he hates KFC, according to Another Reicheru.
  • He often gets mistaken for a girl due to his baggy clothing and andromongyus appearance.

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