In this episode, Jo heads to Los Alamos to help stubborn single mother Inez Giancarlo (43), who recently divorced from her husband about three weeks ago and is very selfish. The divorce has taken a huge hit on her three children and they misbehave around the clock. Eldest daughter Melita (13) refuses to do her homework and even calls everyone in the household bad names, while youngest daughter Yolanda (10) refuses to sleep in her own bed and also calls people bad names. Inez's only son Jamie (16) is well-behaved, but hardly spends any time with his family because of all the chaos his sisters are bringing. Can Jo help this family cope or will she fail?

Discipline techniques used: Calm Down Zone (for Melita), Naughty Platform (for Yolanda) and Lose What You Like Chart (for both girls)

Other techniques used: Green Smoothie, Stay in Bed, Family Time, Chore Buddy System, Homework Area, Selena Gomez Reward Chart and Thought Box