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Gentry Family
Season 8, Episode 20
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Trudell-Richter Family
McCord Family

In this episode, Jo visits Manchester, New Hampshire to meet the Gentry Family. Dad Bruce (42) works as a teller in Bank of America and mom, Andrea (36) who is a Real-Estate agent, are in desperate need of taking back control from their unruly kids: Vincent (2), Leon (4), Pamela (9) and Rosie (3). These kids act odd around the clock and do a lot of other stuff like knocking over the plants, fighting, slacking on chores and homework, spitting, swearing, and staying up past their bedtime. The house is a mess because the kids spill a lot of stuff, pour shampoo from the bottles, make a mess, and refuse to clean up. Can this family be saved or will Nanny Jo be sent out packing?

Discipline Techniques: Reflection Room (for Pamela), Naughty Tunnel (for Rosie, Vincent and Leon)

Other Techniques: Activity Dial, Family Time, Chore Chart, Homework Station

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