Gemma O'Connell (born September 5, 1997) is the wife of Darren O'Connell and the mother of 210 adopted children.



She has blue eyes, pale skin, freckels and long red hair; she also wears black high heels and a dark pink mini dress.


Family TreeEdit


Darren O'Connell

In Supernanny: The Theory AnimatedEdit

She appears in the episode 78-Hour Tantrum, where she chaperoned the quintuplets from Qatar and the septuplets from Singapore at Reicheru's birthday party.


  • Her full name is Gemma Louise O'Connell
  • She loves going to the cinema
  • Her favorite hobbies are ice skating and bowling
  • Her talents are playing the piano, playing the oboe, conducting and singing
  • Her favorite school subject is music
  • Her favorite movie is Mrs. Doubtfire
  • Her favorite TV show is The X Factor UK

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