Gavrilla Clusturific (born July 7, 2024 in Kaliningrad, Russia) is one of the adopted daughters of John and Ladonna Clusturific and the twin sister of Anja. In January 2029, Gavrilla's 7-month-old baby brother Andrew, died from Shaken Baby Syndrome in the hands of their mother, Ladonna.


She has long blonde hair and fair skin, wears a primrose purple dress with a navy purple-blue strap around it, and black Mary-janes with white socks.


Family TreeEdit


  • Her full name is Gavrilla Lana Clusturific.
  • She receives coal for Christmas 2028.
  • The schools that Gavrilla has been expelled from:
  1. Elsie Collier Elementary School for computer hacking
  2. Bessie C Fonvielle Elementary School for cherry bombs
  3. Elizabeth Fonde Elementary School for bullying students
  4. Maryvale Elementary School for possession of alcoholic drinks
  5. Meadowlake Elementary School for posting threats on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr
  6. Florence Howard Elementary School for smashing the collection plate
  7. Just 4 Dev Laboratory for mixing up the science ingredients
  8. Mary B Austin Elementary School for bringing tobacco to the classroom
  9. WC Griggs Elementary School for flushing cherry bombs down the toilet
  10. Kate Shepard Elementary School for peeing on the hall floor
  11. William Henry Brazier Elementary School for stealing the money from the collection plate
  12. John Will Elementary School for selling the teacher's pencils on eBay
  13. Eichold-Mertz Elementary School for making the freshmans urinate themselves
  14. Trinity Lutheran Elementary School for drinking whiskey
  15. Faith Lutheran for throwing crystal meth
  16. Little Flower Catholic School for throwing cocaine at a teacher
  17. Augusta Evans School for taking drugs on the school playground
  18. Most Pure Heart of Mary School for rubbing private parts at her fellow classmates
  19. Westlawn Elementary School for running down the halls naked
  20. Erwin Craighead Elementary School for lashing out at her teacher and the principal
  21. St. Dominic School for physical abuse on students
  22. Ums-Wright Preparatory School for abusing students
  23. Wilmer Hall for beating up a student
  24. M. Freeman Perry Academy for yelling at her teacher
  25. Phillips Temple Christian Academy for kicking students in the crotch
  26. Pointe Academy for hitting the principal
  27. Hutchens Elementary School for fighting
  28. Calvary Christian School for selling drugs
  29. Covenant Christian School for profanity and vandalism
  30. Living Word Christian Center Kingdom Academy for lashing out at the teacher
  31. Taylor-White Elementary School for destroying the computers
  32. William Henry Brazier Elementary School for killing the teacher
  33. Anna F. Booth Elementary School for selling vodka
  34. Calcedeaver Elementary School for force-feeding her teacher vodka
  35. Castlen Elementary School for the hazing incident
  36. Davis Elementary School for tossing cherry bombs at the principal's car
  37. Robbins Elementary School for selling alcohol on school grounds
  38. St. Elmo Elementary School for starting food fights in the cafeteria
  39. Turner Elementary School for arson
  40. Whitley Elementary for pulling down a girl's skirt in front of the whole school
  41. Ariel Holloway Elementary School for cyberbullying and sexual harassment
  • Her favorite TV shows are Monster High, Barbie, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and PB&J Otter.
  • Her favorite song is Firework by Katy Perry.


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