Garrett Woods (Born January 20th 2003) is an American man, former second husband of Satoko Samo. He is proud to be an American.

After he and his second wife separated, he married an American woman whom he met at the strip club, unlike him, she is interested in anime and manga but keeps it to herself. Later, they went on their honeymoon throughout America and moved to Washington, D.C.


He has black hair, blue eyes, and wears different clothing.


Garrett was very ignorant about Japanese-US relations and (like his parents and grandparents) believes anything Japanese, including manga and anime, is sinful, he also believes every Japanese should be killed and extinct, he also doesn't seem to be smart about WWII, he believes Emperor Hirohito planned the Russo-Japanese war, not realising the Emperor was only a child when it happened, he also forces Anti-Japanese sentiment on other, and thinks his children are Anti-American for hanging out with Toshio.

It is unknown what has become of Garrett after he and his wife separated.

In Supernanny: The Theory AnimatedEdit


[Jiao, Huizong/Hideki, Meimei/Meiko and Hiro are seen Ann and Jack]

Ann: "The way my great-great grandfather treated you all, disgusting."

Jack: "When I was under his care, I couldn't use anything Japanese-made, if I did, he would lock me in a closet, telling me to pray for forgiveness."

Meimei: "" (Translation: He treats me like this too, I'm Taiwanese, but he believes that they are sinful due to Japan and Taiwan's relations)

Garrett: "Get away from the monkeys and traitors and pray for forgiveness!"

Huizong: "" (Translation: F*** you, all that effort was nothing!)

Hiro: "" (Translation: You two, don't listen to him)

Ann: "Dad, we had this before, stop your over religious American beliefs, Japan doesn't act like what it did before."

Hiro: "" (Translation: They are a lot of spirits from World War II that wanted to join the Team Terrific 10, but they keep to the shadows because they don't want to deal with all the bulls***)


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