Naughty Pit

Garcia Family is a fanon sixth season episode of Supernanny. Nanny Jo Frost visits San Francisco, California to meet the Garcia Family. 40-year-old Robert and 36-year-old Olesia have eight children: 8-year-old Anne-Karen, 5-year-old Nester, 11-year-old Ricky, 2-month-old Chris, 1-year-old Marcos, 3-year-old Ryan, and 2-year-old identical twins, Moises and Olivia. Ryan and the twins scream, say naughty words, throw toys and books at each other, pee on the floor and the furniture, hit, kick, and act aggressively towards each other, their other siblings, and their parents; Ricky is very defiant and disrespectful towards his parents and other authority, listens to heavy metal music which contains explicit and questionable lyrics, swears, spits, and also skips school; Anne-Karen has started shoplifting from stores and hanging out with older kids in the neighborhood; Marcos colors on the table and the walls, and Nester runs out into the street, screams, shouts, hits, bites and does not listen. Nanny Jo introduces the Big Boy Technique, the Managed Play Technique, the Naughty Pit for Ryan, Moises, Olivia, and Marcos, the Naughty Block for Nester, and the Reflection Room for Anne-Karen and Ricky.