In this episode, Jo heads to Morgan, IL to help out a family. Arthur (47) and Samantha (43) are having a hard time dealing with their children. Two girls Gertrude (14) and Kay (10) are the only well-behaved children in this family. But, it's Vonda (5), who's the main problem of the Galella Family, she kicks furniture, says cuss words, shouts, hits, assaults, spits, laughs at everything and the siblings, and goes wild. Faith (8) and Rose (7) copy Vonda's behavior and are picky eaters. Malcolm (6) would go crazy and jump up and down hard on the floor. Sid (2) will break everything, then pee on them for no reason. Baby Tiny (12 months) is also well-behaved. Can Jo help stop these children before it's too late?

Freak Foor versionEdit

Prior to GameFlame's change to Supernanny: The Theory of Time, there was a Freak Foor dub of this episode. It was edited by Oksana Velykazhinka on late July 2013. The dubbing cast is as follows:

  • LFMFAB as Arthur
  • Oksana Velykazhinka as Samantha, Gertrude, Kay, Malcolm, and Sid
  • Sarojini Bobbalu as Faith, Rose, Vonda, and Tiny

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