Nicole: "Gadadhara lacerated his brother's neck, face, and stomach with a combat butcher knife."

[Kazuki hides in the bathroom]

[Gadadhara approaches Kazuki and lacerates him in the stomach with a combat butcher knife]

[Kazuki wails loudly in pain]

Nicole: "What came next was exceedingly unthinkable."

Gadadhara: "I will stab you more so you can die in (bleep)!"

[Kazuki tries to get up and run away from Gadadhara]

[Gadadhara lacerates Kazuki's face]

[Kazuki wails harder and loudlier in pain]

Gadadhara: "I shall stab you one more time. You shall die and go to (bleep)!"

Nicole: "What came next was more unthinkable than what happened before."

[Kazuki tries to get away from Gadadhara]

[Gadadhara lacerates Kazuki's neck]

[Kazuki wails exceedingly hard and exceedingly loudly in excessive pain]

Gadadhara: "Crying never solves anything. And you shall burn in (bleep)!"

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