G.I. Giuseppe is an offensive television series rated TV-MA. It was released on Extasy, Fyre TV, and Spice Networks in early 2013 in USA and Canada. It was released in Private Spice, Dorcel TV, and Man-X on late 2012 in Italy. There is no intro music, and it seems to be an exact opposite of Supernanny: The Theory Animated. The show is abundent with mature content to make sure not a single kid watches it.


Season 1Edit

  1. You Are Ordered To Go Wild! (September 10, 2012 in Italy)
  2. Glitch Hasta La Vista! (November 12, 2012 in Italy)
  3. Suburb Aim! (November 28, 2012 in Italy)
  4. **** Emma Jose! (November 29, 2012 in Italy)
  5. Say Goodbye to Emma Jose and Hello to Stacie Todaro! (November 30, 2012 in Italy)
  6. Strange **** Investigation! (December 1, 2012 in Italy)
  7. Upstairs of **** Horror! (December 2, 2012 in Italy)
  8. Daniel Cann Is In The Sky! (December 3, 2012 in Italy)
  9. Birou-Jennings Family Visit! (December 3, 2012 in Italy)
  10. Dead Eye Spicy Woods! (December 10, 2012 in Italy)
  11. **** Those Flytraps! (December 19, 2012 in Italy)
  12. Miro is a *****! (December 20, 2012 in Italy)
  13. The More Popular, The Better! (December 21, 2012 in Italy)
  14. Mama ****ing Mia! (December 28, 2012 in Italy)
  15. The Horror One-Way Ticket! (December 29, 2012 in Italy)
  16. Mi-Yung, Die! (December 29, 2012 in Italy)
  17. Marshall is Safe! (December 29, 2012 in Italy)
  18. Attack of the ****ing Super Six! (January 2, 2013 in Italy)
  19. Japanese Assault! (January 3, 2013 in Italy)

Season 2Edit

  1. Ay Moma ***ing Mia! (March 1, 2013 in Italy and USA)
  2. Cage's Secrets (March 4, 2013 in Italy and USA)
  3. Police Supervision (March 5, 2013 in Italy and USA)

Season 3Edit

Season 4Edit

  1. 5thCent the Newcomer (August 31, 2013)
  2. Earth-Shattering Storms (February 11, 2014)


  • It's working title was Ji woong's Exam Challenge: Uncontrollable.
  • It's rival title is Supernanny: The Theory Animated. The protagonists are antagonists. They debuted in the eighteenth episode called "Attack of the ****ing Super Six!"


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