In this episode, Jo heads off to Brooklyn, NY to visit the Futtermans. Butch (57) and Talia (50) have ten children. The older children Sheila (33), Joyce (26), Florence (16), and Katy (14) are well-behaved. But it's Morris (17), Calvin (12), Diamond (10), Leonard (7), Robby (5), and Nadia (3) who control the household. Morris and Calvin like to terrorize the family's pet teacup poodle, Pandora. Diamond copies acts from television shows and swears at her siblings. Leonard likes to kick his other siblings. Robby is very bad and likes to spit in Katy's face and stay up late to watch the two Internet web shows, OneyNG's Leo & Satan and Battle for Dream Island on his computer. Nadia likes hitting, throwing, pinching, kicking, fussing, whining, biting her siblings, and playing with her food at dinner time. Can Jo keep this family under control?

Discipline Techniques: Naughty Desk (for Morris), Reflection Area (for Calvin, Diamond, and Leonard), Pirate Reward Chart, and Naughty Rectangle (for Robby and Nadia)