Before the Revolving Line of CreditEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny...."

Skylar: "YOU ARE A NUTTY PIECE OF (bleep)!"

Announcer: "Jo visits the Funnie Family with one of the worst behaved girls Jo has ever encountered."

Skylar: "NAG NAG NAG!"

Announcer: "Along with a few sons."

Chip: "Move over, you stupid (bleep)!"

Bubby: (whining) "I don't wanna eat my taco!"

Bobby: (whining) "I hate eating this!"

Calling Nicole Birou-JenningsEdit

[Nicole is listening to quiet music on her iPod while Orla and Kayla are working on a science project together]

[The phone rings]

Nicole: "I'll get it!"

[Jo picks up the phone]

Jo: "Hi, who is this calling?"

Nicole: "This is Nicole Birou-Jennings speaking. Can you explain to me the family you are encountering?"

Jo: "I am encountering the Funnie Family. Rolland and Patty are having problems with Chip, age 16, Skylar, age 13, and twins Bubby and Bobby, age 2. They also have Xandra, age 27 and Ollie. age 20. Xandra recently gave birth to fraternal twins Mack and Michelle who are approximately 2 weeks. Skylar is one of the most violent girls I have ever encountered in my life in my own opinion. She punches things out the window, acts extremely cruel to animals, and got expelled from 17 schools. Chip always visits his friends without permission and smokes. Bubby and Bobby refuse to eat and are quite whiny, but they are mostly well-behaved. Xandra, Ollie, and the fraternal twins are the only ones who are 100% well-behaved. Mind if you tell me the techniques I should include?"

Nicole: "Give Chip the Naughty Swivel, the Reflection Room for Skylar, and the Naughty Pit and its "Super" counterpart for Bubby and Bobby. Also, introduce them Block Violence, Good Eater, and the Reward Chart."

Jo: "Can you describe me the themes for the Reward Charts?"

Nicole: "Chip's should be Angry Birds, Skylar's is Selena Gomez, and do PB&J Otter for Bubby and Bobby."

Jo: "Thank you, I will see you again."

Skylar vs. JoEdit

[Skylar throws her mother's laptop out the window]

Patty: "My laptop!"

Skylar: "TOO BAD, HAG!"

Jo: "It was very challenging to make Skylar become a well-behaved girl."

Mall TripEdit

Jo: "Unfortunately, it was an appalling trip to the Mall of America."

Patty: "Everybody please stay together!"

Skylar and Chip vs. the BabysitterEdit

Skylar and Chip turn over a new leavesEdit

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