Fudger Family is a Fanon Sixth season episode of Supernanny. Jo visits Cumberland, Rhode Island to help out the Fudgers. William, age 42, and Jennifer, age 36, have 8 kids. Angelica, age 5; Lily, 2; Kimi, 1; Susie, 4; Dylan, 5 months; Jemima 3 1/2, twins Tim and Peter 2 1/2. Angelica is the main problem in the Fudger Family: she hits her younger siblings, she kicks, slaps, pinches, bites, tortures Dylan, and she even screams at them, and as a result for her aggressive and dominant behavior, she has just been kicked out of Preschool. Lily and Kimi constantly cling onto mommy 24/7, Susie and Jemima have emotional meltdowns, twins Tim and Peter fight, wrestle, spit, break toys, swear, destroy property, and also run off whenever the family's out and about. Susie still wears diapers, Jemima still won't give up her pacifier and Kimi is still drinking out of a bottle. To make matters worse, the kids are picky eaters and they constantly splurge on junk food throughout the day. Can Jo keep the Fudgers under control?

This episode marks the first issue on the Thinking Pond and Shared Play; it also marks an issue on Bye Bye Bottle, Good Eater, Frog Reward Chart, Snack Jar Technique, Roaming Technique, Paci-Fairy technique, Potty Training, and Toy Confiscation.