A list of schools Thorne has been expelled from:

  1. Loretto School for punching the staff
  2. Merchiston Castle School for clogging the boy's bathroom by flushing a few cherry bombs down the toilet
  3. St. Mary's Music School for destroying the musical instruments
  4. The Deck House School for posting death threats on FaceBook
  5. Handsworth Grammar School for computer hacking
  6. Rockport School
  7. The Skinners' School
  8. Rydal Penrhos School for the gas leak incident
  9. Torquay Boys' Grammar School
  10. King Edward VI Aston School
  11. Allan Glen's School for fighting
  12. St. Mungo's Academy
  13. Adams' Grammar School for plagarism
  14. Hebron Academy
  15. Carravassett Valley Academy
  16. Main Central Institute for the gas leak incident
  17. The Thomas Adams School
  18. Dollar Academy
  19. Bridgton Academy
  20. Edinburgh Academy
  21. Foxcroft Academy for cheating
  22. Monmouth School
  23. St. Joseph's Boys' School
  24. Parson Seminary
  25. The Royal Grammar School

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