Jo Frost-11-11-11

Jo heads off to Kennebunk, Maine to meet the Freud Family. 37-year-old Richard and 34-year-old Patricia are struggling to gain back control from their unruly 13-year-old son, Thorne, who has been expelled from twenty-five boarding schools for his violent behavior. He also likes to sneak out of the house at night to a friend's house to do drugs, smoke cigarettes, and drink alcohol. He also curses and talks back to his parents, Their daughters, 4-year-old Elvira, 3-year-old Carrie, 6-year-old Lenore, and 5-year-old Samara act around the clock by screaming, learning the bad words from their older brother, refusing to brush their teeth, eat their given meals or stay in their beds. Can Jo tame nip this bad behavior in the bud?

Discipline Techniques used: Lose What You Like Chart (for Thorne), Naughty Step (for Carrie, Elvira, and Samara) Naughty Room (for Lenore) Toy Confiscation

Other techniques used: Trust technique (for Thorne), Toothbrush Technique, Stay in Bed and Good Eater (for Lenore, Samara, Elvira, and Carrie)