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Freeling Family
Season 5, Episode 31
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O' Malley Family
Freeling Family is a Fanon fifth season episode of Supernanny. Nanny Jo visits Phoenix, Arizona to meet the Freeling family. Byron, age 35, and Mercedes, age 29, have a 6-year-old daughter Christina, 10-year-old son Mark, and 9-month-old Sean. Living with the family are 30-year-old paternal Uncle Dan, 39-year-old maternal aunt Josephine, 78-year-old paternal Grandmother, "Grandmama" Fiona, and 7-year-old nephew, Hollen. Christina and Mark are prone to playing with dangerous objects, stealing road signs, cursing, fighting, beheading dolls, throwing things at each other, spitting, tantrums, committing deplorable acts against each other, while their cousin, Hollen, ducks for cover. While Uncle Dan is out searching for a job, Mom and Dad are at their full-time jobs and Aunt Josephine taking her college classes, Grandmama is left to deal with her grandchildren and grandnephew all by herself. Can Nanny Jo tame these wild and savage kids? This episode's issue technique are the Vandal Disposal, the Reflection Room, and the Toy Confiscation.

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