Frank: "Can I go to my friend Oliver's house to play outside, please?"

Nicolette: "No, you can't, Oliver and his family are going on vacation."


Nicolette: "Excuse me, you can't go to Oliver's house."

Frank: "Go f*** yourself, woman!"

Nicolette: "I will not tolerate that language!"


Nicolette: "If you scream again, you will be in timeout."

[Frank runs to his friend Oliver's house]

Nicolette: "Get back here, Frank. Didn't I say Oliver and his parents were going on vacation?"

Frank: "SHUT UP, MOM!"

[Cut to: Frank's friend Oliver and his family are in their car]

Judith: "Ready to go to Disney World, honey?"

Oliver: "Yeah!"

[Frank runs into the car, but Nicolette catches him]

Nicolette: "No. You're not going with them, Frank."


Nicolette: "It's too late now, so you are going in timeout."

[Frank hits Nicolette and runs off]

[Frank drops his pants and pees onto the sidewalk]

Frank: "That's not fair, me and my family never get to go on vacation."

[Nicolette walks onto the sidewalk]

Nicolette: "Oh my god! That's so disgusting! Come back into the house. You're now going into timeout."

[Nicolette carries Frank into the house and puts him in timeout]

Nicolette: "Stay in here. I mean it."

Frank: "I wanted to see Oliver."

Nicolette: "When he gets back from Disney World, you can play with him. OK?"

Frank: "YOU STUPID (bleep)!"

Nicolette: "Francis Malcolm Spotlow-Garbiel, enough with your language."

Frank: "FINE! Who wants to play with him anyway? There's better people to play with than him anyway."

[Frank shows Nicolette his closed fist with only the middle finger extended, Nicolette turns and walks out]

Nicolette: "Ugh! I don't know why I even put up with Frank or his attitude."

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