The Fourtysecond Family is a fanon season 23 episode of Supernanny. Gloria visits Times Square to meet the Fourtyseconds. Self-centered 40-year old Abramania Fourtysecond works about 75 hours per week at Costco, while 37-year old Alfredo (born in Mexico) works at a pizza shop. Ava and Aja (20) work 75 hours per week, and this has forced Tasmin (15) to be a third parent. The parents also have Garchinn (12), Deytonn (9), Ashton (6), and Calem (4). The boys curse like sailors, vandalize the walls, floors, and furniture, hit, spit, kick, bite, talk back, take dares, attempt to commit suicide, and most notably, they disrespect the whole house. Harold also scams people. Can Gloria help this family? Nicole Birou-Jennings makes an appearance.

Discipline techniques: Super Naughty Blanket and Jumbo Green Smoothie.

Other techniques: Get What You Hate Chart, Group Project, Chore Chart, Teamwork Technique, Shared Play, and Point Chart.

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