The Foster Family is an episode of Supernanny. In tis fanon season 31 episode, brand new nanny Rhonda, heads to Perkins Corner, NY to help dad Korbin (44) and Lyric (39) with 9 children. Cadence (16) twins Misty and Mitzi (13) Leta (11) twins Warren and Warner (6) fraternal twins Victor and Victoria (3) and Carlisle (2). Cadence, Misty and Mitzi are Korbin's stepchildren. Cadence, Misty, Mitzi and Carlisle are well behaved, but the other 5 are far from it. Victoria doesn't sleep in their own bed, plays tug of war and bites. Victor and Warner become disruptive when Lyric ignores them, and Warren back to Korbin. This episode marks an issue of the Naughty Log (for Warren and Warner) and Naughty Pit (for Victor and Victoria).

Transcripts in Theory GamesEdit

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