Tonight On SupernannyEdit

Submission reelEdit

Jo: "You're with me in Raleigh, NC, ready to help a family who desperately needs my help. Let's take a look.

Paul: "Hi, I'm Paul Fleming, and I am a full-time cop."

Darlene: "Hi, I'm Darlene Fleming. We have 3 children. Jessica who is 5, Sylvia who is 3 and Larissa who is 2."

Paul: "I am a very strict person. I have no tolerance for rule-breaking or disrespect."

Darlene: "The kids hit, kick and scream."

[Sylvia hits Larissa]

Jo: "My word, this has to stop."

Observation beginsEdit

Paul: "It's my house, you slept here anyway, that's like saying f*** you, dad, I'll do what I want! It's my house. You don't listen, you're not obedient, you don't get nothing from me. Nothing!"

Jessica: "That isn't fair!"

Paul: "Well then, start obeying the rules!"

Jessica: "I am!"

Paul: "You're NOT! This is a very obvious answer right there! You're not!"

Jessica: "You're scaring me!"

Darlene: "I think we should talk to our marriage counselor."

Paul: "Right, because I said DON'T, that's why! I said don't sleep in here! And you did it anyway! I told you, that's like saying f*** you, dad, I'll do what I want, I don't have to listen to you! And you do, it's MY house!"

Jessica: "Well, maybe I don't want to be in this house anymore! I'd rather live out on the streets because that isn't fair!"

Paul: "That is fair, Jes--"

Jessica: "No, it isn't!"

Paul: "When you don't listen, when you don't listen, there's consequences! Do you understand me?"

Jessica: "You always get ticked off!"

Paul: "Ugh, BECAUSE YOU DON'T LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!"

Jessica: "THAT ISN'T FAIR!!!"

Paul: "Of course it's fair!"

[Jessica slaps Paul]

Paul: "You slap me in the face and I'll slap you back, WHY'D YOU SLAP ME?! YOU SLAPPED ME?!"

Jessica: "Dad, it isn't fair!"

Paul: "Of course it's fair! You're so stupid! I said don't sleep in here, it was such an easy thing for you to obey! Such and easy thing for you to do, not sleep there! All you had to do is get up! You don't like your bedroom? I can't stand that, you were downstairs, but OK, GO DOWNSTAIRS!"

Jessica: "Why are you yelling?! You're ticked every time I do something! You're stupid and I wish you werentt my daddy!"

Paul: "Go downstairs, you're changing the subject because you know you're wrong!"

Jessica: "No, I'm not!"

Paul: "That's what you do whenever you're proven wrong, you change the subject!"

Jessica: "No!"

Paul: "Well, that's what you just did! We're talking about this right now! Why did you sleep here?! Don't tell me i got ticked because--"

Jessica: "Stop!"

Paul: "We're taking about this room! Why did you sleep here, you know I told you not to!"

[Paul picks up the chair and throws it against the wall]

Jessica: "Because I wasn't old enough!"

Paul: "I don't give a s***, that's a stupid reason! Why did you sleep here when you know I asked you not to!"

Jessica: "Because we don't need 3 bedrooms. F*** you, you lousy, stinking, no-good son of a b****!"

Paul: "IT DOESN'T F***ING MATTER! That's it, you are going upstairs to your room and you will stay there for the rest of the night."

Observation ContinuesEdit

Paul: "Look, Jessica dropped by for some corned beef for dinner."

Darlene: "Paul, he was just washing up. Who'd like to say grace?"

Paul: "To h*** with grace, pass me the biscuits."

[Jessica accidentally tips over Paul's glass of milk]

Jessica: "I'm sorry?"

Paul: "What is the matter with you? That was my favorite glass, for crying out loud!"

Jessica: "I was gonna give you the biscuits, you idiot!"


Jessica: "What are you talking about? What do you mean, I break everything I touch, you stupid moron?!"

Darlene: "Let's just have a nice supper for once."

Paul: "A nice supper?"

[Paul pushes Darlene's plate off the table causing it to break]

Paul: "There's your nice supper."

[We see an angry lumberjack named Boyd in the scene]

Paul: "You have no respect in this house."

[Boyd walks over to Paul]

Darlene: "Honey, It'd just take a second."

Paul: "You just have to sit there. Get a broom or something!"

[Paul walks over to Darlene]

Paul: "You know why he's like that? Because you let him do whatever he wants!"

Jessica: "I'm out of here!"

[Jessica leaves the table]

Darlene: "That's OK, you just relax and get another drink."

Paul: "Don't tell me what to do."

[Paul punches Darlene in the face]

Darlene: "Ow!"

[Darlene sobs]

Darlene: "Why are you always provoking me?"

[Paul looks at Boyd]

Paul: "Because he's a bad kid, that's why."

Boyd: "Well, that's a load of c***! Who the h*** were you to say?!"

Paul: "I'm his father. And you show your father respect."

Boyd: "The day he deserved it, you drunken boy! Punching women and kids is what they call fatherhood in your life?!"

Paul: "He deserved it. Believe me, you were nothing but ungrateful."

[Boyd's anger explodes]

Boyd [angrily]: I WAS A KID! KIDS AIN'T SUPPOSED TO BE UNGRATEFUL! YOU FORCE THEM TO EAT THEIR FOOD AND BREAK THEIR HEART, YOU SELFISH D***! You died. And I was still so afraid I'd turn into you and the kids of my own!"

Paul: "You break everything you touch!"

Boyd: "Uh-huh. I adopted 2 boys! And they grew up great! They grew up heroes... SO YOU CAN GO TO H***!!!"

Jessica: "That's right, a**hole!"

Jo: "What came next was absolutely shocking!"

[Paul beheads Boyd]

Jessica: "What the h*** was that all about?"

Darlene: "Jessica, sweetheart Daddy is not getting his own way, that's why."

[Jessica cries]

Paul: "Why the f*** are you crying?"

Jessica: "F*** YOU, YOU A**-HOLE!"

[Paul spanks Jessica really heard with a paddle, tennis racket and mace and a belt]

Paul: "Shut up, you bad girl!"

[Jessica cries harder]

Darlene: "Jessie, baby it's OK. I know daddy is worked up. Listen to me. Baby girl, nothing is your fault. You are the sweetest person I know."

[Paul shakes the other two, who are crying and bangs their heads against the door and prepares to stab them with a knife and kill them]


Darlene: "Girls, pack your things. We are leaving for Japan. I have a friend who lives there."

Paul: "Darlene, Jessica is a bad girl!"

Darlene: "I want to speak to a marriage counselor about our problem."

Paul: "Darlene, if you walk out on me, you are a dead woman! Do you hear me?"

Trip to the supermarketEdit

Paul: "Dedenne, you are a dead woman if I ever catch you having an affair with anyone else! You got that?"

Leaving for SchoolEdit

Paul: "Jessica, if you don't come home, I will kill you."

[Deanne drops Jessica and Sylvia off at kindergarten]

Going to Grandma'sEdit

[Deanne drives away from the school and drops Larissa at her grandmother's and then drives off to work]

At CourtEdit

Judge: "Paul Fleming, according to your background, you are not a legal American citizen but it says that you were born in Saudi Arabia, not only have you been terminated from the police force, but you were sent to court by the police due to spouse and child abuse. I'm sentencing you to 3 years in prison! Paul Fleming is found...

[Darlene, Jessica, Sylvia & Larissa have their fingers crossed]

Judge: "GUILTY!"

Paul: "This is not the end! If I can't have the girls, then no one else will!"

[Paul takes out a wine bottle and smashes it on Darlene's head]

[Paul is pulls out a hunting knife, preparing to stab Darlene]

Paul: "Off with their heads!!"

Judge: "Security."

[Security men grab the screaming Paul. Darlene and her children escape from the court.]

Judge: "Take him in jail for 3 years!"

Paul: (to Darlene and her children) "I HATE YOOOOUUU!!!! I HATE YOU ALL!!!!!"

The Flemings Move To JapanEdit

Jo: "While Dad was arrested for attempted murder, child and spousal abuse, Darlene is now married to Winston Fleming. Darlene took her daughters to Tokyo to stay with a friend for a while."