4 years agoEdit

[We see a sign called 4 years ago]

Sharpay: "I WANT IT!"

And now...Edit

Announcer: "And now the family adopted a 10-year-old son that is well behaved."

[Kevin is playing a MindWare game]

Announcer: "The family is also run ragged by their son Corey, who has ADHD."

[Corey tries to hit Sharpay]

[Corey pulls Kevin's hair]

[Corey uses a pool noodle to hit Sharpay whilst Sharpay is trying to stop him]

[Corey messes up a MindWare toy and throws it across the hallway]

Long time, no seeEdit

Observation beginsEdit

[Corey annoys a passerby with a water sprinkler]

[Quinn sees this]

Quinn: "Mom! Corey is annoying a passerby with a water sprinkler!"

Tiffany: "It's against the law Corey! Do you understand?"

Corey: "NO!"

[Corey smacks Tiffany through the face and hits on Sharpay]

Sharpay: "OW!"

[Corey ends up pulling Sharpay's hair]

Tiffany: "Corey! No!"

Observation continuesEdit

Dealing with ADHDEdit

The Finster kids' after school activities Edit

Jo: "I talked to Kevin, Sharpay, and the sextuplets on their after-school activities."

Parent meetingEdit

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