• Sharpay's favorite TV program is Peppa Pig.
  • Andi's favorite food is ice cream
  • Kyle's favorite color is orange
  • River's favorite food is milkshakes
  • Quinn's favorite color is gold
  • Troy's favorite drink is milk
  • Diego's favorite color is red
  • Oliver has a monkey-themed nursery
  • Andi's favorite toys are her Eeveelution Pokedolls and her Eevee pokedoll
  • Troy's favorite toy is his Spot Plush
  • River's favorite toy is a toy lion
  • Diego's favorite toy is a Tiger plush
  • Kyle's favorite toy is his Bugs Bunny plush doll
  • Quinn's Favorite toy is his Apollo from Pajanimals plush doll
  • Sharpay's favorite color is pink
  • In Christmas 2013, Sharpay received nothing but coal in her stocking

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