Before the Revolving Line of CreditsEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny..."

Sharpay: "I WANT THAT TOY!"

Announcer: "Jo returns to the UK to meet the Finster Family."

Sharpay: "GIVE IT TO ME!!"

Announcer: "And takes on their spoiled 4-year-old princess."

[Sharpay kicks and screams]

Sharpay: "Supernanny is a big, big poopy-butt!"

Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "Another week, another family in need. Let's take a look shall we?"

???: "Hi, we're the Finster Family. I'm Tiffany."

???: "And I'm Trent."

Tiffany: "We have 8 children: Sharpay, who is 4, fraternal sextuplets Andi, Troy, Kyle, Diego, River, and Quinn who are 3, and baby Oliver who is 3 months."

Finster Family HomeEdit

[Jo knocks on the door]

Tiffany: "These are the sextuplets, Troy, Diego, Andi, River, Quinn and Kyle."

Jo: "Who's that little one you're holding?"

Tiffany: "That's Oliver, he's 3 months old."

Jo: "Who's the one in the curls and pink coat?"

Trent: "That's Sharpay."

Observation BeginsEdit

Sharpay: "Mommy, I want that dress!"

Tiffany: "No dear, that's too expensive."

Sharpay: "I want candy!"

Tiffany: "No, not today."

Sharpay: "I want it!"

Sharpay: "Look, mommy! Toys! I want them all!"

Sharpay: "I want a donut!"

Sharpay: "I want cookies!"

Sharpay: "I want it now!"

Tiffany: "I am not buying all of that for you, Sharpay."

Observation ContinuesEdit

[Sharpay hits Oliver]

[Oliver cries]

Tiffany: "Don't do that to baby Oliver. If you hit him again you will go to time-out."

Sharpay: "I don't like him!"

[Sharpay hits Oliver again]

Tiffany: "You did not listen. You will be placed in time-out for hitting Oliver again after I already told you not to."



Parent MeetingEdit

Toy ConfiscationEdit

Jo: "Later that morning, Mom asked Sharpay to get dressed. However, Sharpay wanted to stay in her PJ's."

Tiffany: "Sharpay, I need you to get dressed. We're going to go to church."

Sharpay: "I...HATE...CHURCH!!!!"

Jo: (to Tiffany) "Tell her in a firm voice that she must go to church. Otherwise, she will lose her Care Bears for two days."

Tiffany: (in firm voice) "Sharpay, you need to get dressed to go to church. Otherwise I will take away your Care Bears for two days. Do you understand me?"

[Sharpay pours orange juice over her church shoes]

Sharpay: "There! Now, we can't go to church!"

Tiffany: "Oh, yes we can. You forgot you still have an extra pair of church shoes, right? Now get your church shoes on or you'll lose your Care Bears for the next two days."

[Sharpay rapidly smacks Tiffany]

Tiffany: "Sharpay, stop it!"

Jo: "Mom was getting frustrated, so I decided to step in."

Jo: "You do not hit your mommy."

Sharpay: "I...HATE...GOING...TO...CHURCH!!!"

[Sharpay cuts her church clothes up with a pair of scissors]

Tiffany: "Your Care Bears are in toy jail now."

Sharpay: "Now, we can't go to church. NYAH-NYAH!!!"

[Tiffany confiscates Sharpay's Care Bears while Jo takes the pair of scissors away]

Trent: "You still have extra church clothes which you haven't destroyed, Sharpay, so put them on and let's get going."

Sharpay: "I'M...NOT...GOING!!!!"

[Jo comes down to Sharpay's level]

Jo: "Sharpay...come over here..."


[The family gather in the car and drive off to church, 15 minutes behind schedule]

Jo: "The family was 15 minutes late for church."

[Sharpay starts rapidly kicking Tiffany's seat]

Tiffany: "If you don't stop kicking my seat, then I will confiscate your Minnie Mouse plush and put you on the Naughty Pillow when we get home. Got it?"

Jo: "However, Sharpay's antics caused Tiffany to crash the car."

Tiffany: "Is everybody okay?"

Andi: "We're all fine Mummy."

Jo: "The family never made it to church. And after Tiffany had to pay an enormous bill at the car repairers, we went home and I told her to get a breather while I disciplined Sharpay."

[Jo puts Sharpay on the Naughty Pillow]

Jo: "Your behaviour is very spoiled and I do not like it."

Sharpay: "It isn't spoiled!"

Jo: "That behaviour in the car..."

Sharpay: "SHUT UP!!!"

Jo: "Do not tell me to shut up, young lady. That behaviour in the car was extremely appaling! Not only have you lost your Care Bears for a week, you have now lost your Minnie Mouse plush for a week as well. You will stay on the pillow and if you get up before your time is finished, then I will send you to bed early. You've inconvenienced everyone."


[Jo ignores Sharpay and confiscates Sharpay's Minnie Mouse plush, while Trent and Tiffany work together confiscating every single one of Sharpay's Care Bears toys]

Sharpay: "You are a fat (bleep!) You are a fat (bleep)!"

[Jo confiscates all of Sharpay's Peppa Pig DVD's]

Naughty PillowEdit

Jo: "It wasn't long before Sharpay started to cry and whine because it was Andi's turn to watch TV."


Sharpay: "SCRAM!!!"


[Sharpay is watching Peppa Pig in her bedroom]

Tiffany: "No, Sharpay. You are not watching TV right now. It's Andi's turn."

Sharpay: "I am watching Peppa Pig. Mommy and Andi, scram!"

Tiffany: "Come on."

[Tiffany turns off the television, takes Sharpay by the hand and places her into the Naughty Pillow]

Tiffany: "Sharpay, I told you that it was Andi's turn to watch TV, but you didn't listen to mummy. Now you are sitting on the Naughty Pillow until mummy comes and gets you."

[Tiffany walks away and confiscates Sharpay's Barbie Princess Bride doll by putting it into the Toy Confiscation Box]

[Sharpay escapes and resumes watching Peppa Pig]

Tiffany: "Turn off Peppa Pig. You're not allowed to watch that while you have to stay in time out."

[Sharpay pushes Tiffany out of the bedroom, locks the door and changes Andi's show back to Peppa Pig]

Jo: "Sharpay was a fighter, so that's when I intervened."

[Jo steps into the room]

Jo: "Sharpay, you need to turn off the television and sit back down on the Naughty Pillow!"

Sharpay: "Not listening."

[Jo switches the TV off and puts Sharpay back on the Naughty Pillow]

Sharpay: "You (bleep)!!!"

[Jo comes down to her level]

Jo: "Sharpay, sit BACK down on the pillow until mummy comes and gets you! You are not going to watch Peppa Pig and that decision is final. In addition to that, your Peppa Pig DVDs are also in toy jail for the rest of the afternoon."

[Sharpay flinches, and sits back on the Naughty Pillow]

Tiffany: "Jo's voice caused Sharpay to be scared enough to go back on the Naughty Pillow."

Jo: "Sharpay, I'm sorry I used my voice to scare you. But I want you sit back down on the pillow until mummy comes and gets you. You're also not going to watch any of your "Peppa Pig" DVDs, okay?"

Sharpay: "Okay."

[Sharpay stays put on the Naughty Pillow]

4 minutes later

Tiffany: "Sharpay, I asked you to turn off the TV but you didn't listen. I would like an apology!"

Sharpay: *sarcastically* "Sorry!"

Tiffany: "Thank you. You may get up."

Jo: "Hold on a minute. What sort of an apology was that?"

Tiffany: "She did say she was sorry."

Jo: "The way Sharpay apologized to you was very sarcastic. That apology isn't good enough."

Sharpay: (sincerely) "I'm sorry, Mummy."

Tiffany: "That's much better. Good girl."

[Tiffany hugs Sharpay]

Supernanny's TipsEdit

Baby LogEdit

Mommy and MeEdit

Good EaterEdit

Tiffany: "I want you to eat three pieces of steak and two pieces of broccoli."

[Sharpay picks up a piece of steak with her fork and begins to eat it]

Stay in BedEdit

DVD MeetingEdit


'Jo: "It wasn't long until Sharpay stole Andi's Flareon Pokedoll Plush Doll."

[Sharpay looks at Andi's Flareon Pokedoll Plush]

Sharpay: "I WANT THAT TOY!"

Andi: "Mommy says it's mine."

Sharpay: "GIVE IT TO ME!"

[Sharpay snatches the Flareon pokedoll off Andi]

Andi: "MUMMY!"

[Andi starts to cry]

Sharpay: "I WANT IT!"

[Andi runs to Tiffany]


Tiffany: "Sharpay give that doll back to Andi or you are going on the Naughty Pillow!"

Sharpay: "NO!"

[Tiffany takes the Flareon Pokedoll off Sharpay and puts her on the Naughty Pillow and gives it back to Andi]

Andi: "Thanks, Mummy!"

[Andi goes back to play with the other sextuplets with Kyle playing with his Bugs Bunny doll, River playing with his stuffed lion plush, Diego playing with his Tiger plush doll, Quinn playing with his Apollo Plush, and Troy playing with his Spot Plush]

Kyle: "Are you okay?"

Andi: "Yes Kyle Sharpay decided to take one of my favorite toys off me."

Tiffany: "Sharpay you are on the Naughty Pillow because you stole your sibling's property. Sit there for 4 minutes."

[Tiffany walks away, leaving Sharpay on the Naughty Pillow]

Sharpay: "Mummy stinks."

Jo (off-screen): "Just ignore the comment, Tiffany."

Tiffany: "Now this will double your time period."

Jo (off-screen): "Reset it to 4 minutes."

8 minutes later

Sharpay: "(bleep)!"

Tiffany: "Apologize."

Sharpay: "NEVER!"

Tiffany: "Then you can stay here for 4 more minutes."

12 minutes later

Tiffany: "Sharpay, I would like an apology from you."

Sharpay: "GO (bleep) YOURSELF YOU DIRTY (bleep)ING (bleep)!!!"



Bye Bye Jo-JoEdit

Family UpdateEdit

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