The Finster Family is the Fanon fifth season of Supernanny. Nanny Jo returns to the United Kingdom in Grantham, England to meet the Finster Family. Trent and Tiffany Finster are tag-team parents. Trent (33) works full-time at the bakery while Tiffany (22) stays at home, works part-time and is a full-time college student, raising rambunctious, wild and crazy kids; 4-year-old daughter Sharpay, and 3-year-old fraternal sextuplets, Andi, Kyle, River, Quinn, Troy, and Diego, and 3-month-old Oliver. Tiffany is having a hard time dealing with her children, especially Sharpay, because they keep getting out of bed in the middle of the night, they refuse to eat their given meals, and they snack all day long. But Sharpay's behavior is the worst---she is extremely dominant and spoiled; she tortures baby Oliver, snatches toys from her sextuplet siblings, demands to get her own way, demands sugar-packed snacks, she hits, rips portions of furniture, wrestles her younger siblings, spits, swears, wants all the toys, the candy, and all the clothes that she sees on TV, in the store, and in the mall, and she will hold her breath until her parents give what she wants. Has Nanny Jo finally met her match? This episode features issues with the Good Eater technique, the Stay in Bed technique, the Baby Log, the Naughty Pillow and the Toy Confiscation.


Naughty Pillow