Going to Grandma Harriet's HouseEdit

At Grandma's HouseEdit

Grandma Harriet: "So what would you two like to do today?"

Lorenzo: "I don't know, perhaps play football?"

[Lorenzo is watching football]


[On the table we see thanksgiving sparkler, blue cheese shortbread leaves, sweet potato squares with lemon-garlic mayonnaise, mixed green salad with balsamic vinaigrette, caramel used onion-potato gratin, grilled pork roast with fruit compote and granola-ginger baked apples]

Bonnie: "Now where did Lorenzo go?"

[Lorenzo comes in with a wooden hammer]

Nathan: "Lorenzo, what are you doing?"

[Lorenzo begins smashing Nathan's centerpiece with a wooden hammer]

Nathan: (bursting into tears) "MOMMY!!!!!"

[Lorenzo knocks over the table, causing the riot]

[Lorenzo throws the crockery and cutlery about, flings food about, making a huge mess on the floor]

[Grandma Harriet's dog, Fido comes and licks up the mess]

Bonnie: "We still have the grilled pork roast!"

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