• Nathan's favorite TV show is Adventure Time on Cartoon Network.
  • Nathan is a fan of Mickey Mouse and Sesame Street.
  • Lorenzo's favorite TV show is Tom and Jerry on Cartoon Network and Boomerang.
  • Lorenzo is a fan of the movie, Free Birds
  • In Christmas 2033, Lorenzo received nothing but coal in his stocking.
  • Lorenzo has the same brain mixed with Victoria Levine and Serenity Hansen.
  • List of schools Lorenzo has been expelled from:
  1. Stepping Stones Nursery School for
  2. Open House Nursery School for showing disgusting YouTube videos to the class
  3. Little Nest Community Playhouse for
  4. Roots and Wings Montessori for
  5. Big Apple Academy for 
  6. Linden Tree Preschool for
  7. Carousel Day School for
  8. Hellenic Classical Charter School for
  9. Magic Kingdom Nursery School for terrorizing other children, for threatening to throw a chair at them and for aggressive behavior towards staff
  • Lorenzo is currently attending Mary Queen of Heaven School
  • Nathan played Tiny Tim in his school Christmas play, A Christmas Carol
  • Nathan played the role as the Nutcracker Prince in The Nutcracker ballet

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