Fernanda Marisol Wailems (born Fernanda Mendez on June 29, 2015) is the adopted daughter of Sandra and George Wailems, stepdaughter of Allan Calment and adoptive sister of Kyle and Lola Wailems.


She has long chocolate brown hair, brown eyes and always wears a snapback with matching basketball jerseys. She wears a carnation pink shirt, light blue jeans and bright yellow sandals. Her pajamas is her red dressing gown and Hello Kitty pajamas.


Fernanda misbehaved due to the poor treatment she received from her parents back in Spain. She's friendly, down-to-earth and caring inside, but on the outside she wants revenge on her parents.

Family TreeEdit



  • Her full name is Fernanda Marisol Wailems
  • Her favorite TV show is WordGirl
  • Her favorite movie is The Road to El Dorado
  • Her favorite toy is blue Nerds plush character
  • Her favorite electronic is her iPod Shuffle
  • Her favorite color is blue
  • Her favorite number is 8
  • Her favorite food is nachos
  • Her favorite candy is Nerds Rope
  • Her favorite drink is Dr. Pepper
  • She loves rainbow sherbet
  • Attended a school that allowed preschoolers, kindergarten kids, primary school, middle school and high school students.
  • She is a very popular student.
  • She is the only Wailems Family daughter who's spouse debuted anywhere but Wailems Family Revisited, Garret Green debuted in Kisho-Green Family.


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