Sandra's DecisionEdit

Kyle's DecisionEdit

Kyle: " "

Lola's DecisionEdit

Taylor: "SHUT UP, MOMMY!"

Lola: "Pack your things."

Taylor: "(bleep) OFF! I AM NOT GOING!"

Lola: "You are going, actually."

3 Days after the five have leftEdit

[Lola goes in the kitchen and makes some lemonade]

Cut to:

Sienna: "(bleep) you!"

Officer #1: "You've just got 15 push ups, Sienna Garcia!"

Sienna: "SHUT UP!"

[Sienna throws an aluminum baseball bat at Officer #2]

Officer #2: (angrily) "40 push ups! Plus 15 jumping jacks and 2 laps around the long track!"

Taylor: "SHUT THE (bleep) UP!"

[Taylor beats the god out of the two officers like a woman performing a Paso Doble]

Officer #3: "30 push ups for you, Taylor! Plus 20 jumping jacks, 2 laps around the track, and 25 chin-ups on the bar!"

Cut to:

[Lola is serving fresh homemade cookies to her guests]

The Adults Get CallsEdit

Sandra Gets a CallEdit

Delia German: " "

Kyle and Marie-Louise Get a CallEdit

Delia German: " "

Walter and Lola Get a CallEdit

Delia German: " "

The Adults Get Tough with the FiveEdit

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