This season contains 48 episodes. Those in bold indicate a country other than the United States. Those in red next indicate stubborn parents' first birth names.

Nannies Annie Blume, Webeewize Unyubeekuku, Gloria Robinson, Ola Smith, Kendra Lawson, and Molly O'Bree all met some families between Q2 2036 and Q2 2037. Some in the US, others in other countries. For this season, Supernanny let all the portrayers from Supernanny: The Theory get to suggest episodes, and sometimes the positive real versions in Todaro Warehouse Blast, as well as Venere Todaro and Cooper Bates.


No. Name Nanny Place Format Parents Children Airdate Suggester
1 Rose Family Annie California Stubborn Jared (40)
Jamie (46)
Sophie the Otter
2 Harris Family Annie New York Normal Gavin (25)
Botle (20)
3 Vibevoid Family Webeewize New York Normal Raymond (40)
Alecia (40)
Giuseppe Todaro
4 Iconic-Todaro Family Revisited Again Webeewize New York Revisited Giuseppe (45)
Venere (30)
Angelo Todaro
5 Kodansa Family Gloria Iowa Normal Olan (42)
Kirsten (39)
Nicole Birou-Jennings
6 Shiko Family Annie Japan Normal Kazuki (36)
Satoko (39)
Reicheru the Yokai Spirit
7 Milten Family 20 People California Normal Norton (45)
Stella (40)
Carla (33)
Samantha (5)
Lois (4)
Elijah (3)
Garret (2)
Garrie (2)
8 Lengthwoman Family Revisited Ola Revisited Kirk (48)
Katherine (45)
Stacie Todaro
9 Pocoma Family Annie Canada Normal Etienne (40)
Febronie (38)
Giuseppe Todaro
10 Heart Family Gloria California Normal Garret (39)
Eliza (37)
Sophie the Otter
11 Lyrick Family Annie Hawaii Normal Jeremy (36)
Kim (33)
Catherine the Spellcaster
12 Griswold Family Annie Germany Hans (55)
Ava (52)
Reicheru the Yokai Spirit
13 Bedrich Family Annie Alaska Camille (21) Pietro Todaro
14 Gentra Family Webeewize Nebraska April (40) Ocay Sitconfiver
15 Chell Family Webeewize Georgia Michael (43)
Peggy (43)
Jennifer Sitconfiver
16 Applebaum Family Ruth New York Chloris (42)
17 Duff Family Annie Australia Stubborn Dexter (50)
Ruby (40)
Venere Todaro
18 Quanics Family Annie Egypt Normal Marik (35)
Cleopatra (32)
19 Pringle Family Gloria Connecticut Normal Curtis (40)
Kelly (35)
20 Kodansa Family Revisited Gloria
Iowa Competition Olan (42)
Kirsten (40)
21 Hatti Family Annie New York Normal
22 Kakko Family Annie South Africa Normal Moses (37)
Laila (31)
Sam (12)
Moses, Jr. (6)
Zanzibar (4)
23 Jamie Family Annie Illinois Normal Hye-Su (35)
Kwan (34)
24 Melville Family Greg Idaho Supermanny Clarissa (45) Fraternal twins Gus and Gina (15)
25 Williams Family Revisited Annie Colorado Revisited
26 Jesters Family 20 People Swarming Plankton
27 Odjakjian Family Kendra India Normal Babul (40)
Sanjana (35)
Raju (12)
Jitesh (9)
28 Ajece Family Gloria Normal Stefan (5)
Simon (5)
29 Wlejnaczk Family Webeewize Poland Selfishnanny Joshua Juritin
30 Johns Family Webeewize Kentucky Stubborn Support Carmen (40)
Michael (33)
Xandra Riley
31 Wlejnaczk Family Revisited Molly Poland Gratefulversion
32 Johns Family Revisited Molly Kentucky Gratefulversion Carmen (40)
Michael (33)
Venere Todaro
33 Gentra Family Revisited Molly Nebraska Gratefulversion
34 Chell Family Revisited Molly Georgia Gratefulversion
35 Heart Family Revisited Gloria
California Competition Garret (39)
Eliza (38)
Venere Todaro
36 Sampson Family Annie North Dakota
37 Bond Family Annie Oklahoma Stubborn Jeremy (40)
April (37)
Xandra Riley
38 Deutschlander Family Annie Wisconsin

Justin (30)
Lola (28)

39 O'Connell Family Gloria Northern Ireland

Darren (47)
Gemma (39)

Gemma the Good Witch
40 Burns Family Annie Northern Ireland Lewis (43)
Nicola (36)
Gemma the Good Witch
41 Paz Family Annie Brazil Pablo (25)
42 Thorndyke Family Revisited Gloria Florida Revisited
43 Break Family Revisited Gloria California Revisited
44 Venegegequanaynaya Family Webeewize Ukraine Selfishanny
Lesbian Couple
Зоряна (40)
Софія (30)
Cooper Bates
45 Chong Family Gloria Florida Makiko (38)
Zhao (46)
46 Hamilton Family Annie Northern Ireland

Frank (48)
Agatha-Olivia (45)

47 Spicer Family Kendra North Dakota Normal Donna (40) Serena (12)
Marian (10)
48 Hattons Family Revisited Gloria Montana Revisited Cassie (50)
49 Supernanny Season 28 Special Update

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