No. Episode Airdate Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Child(ren) Technique(s)
Supernanny Season 19 Special Update No new episode No new episode No new episode
Ryder-Butter Family Revisited
Cruise Family Ella (31), Reginald (34) Adelaide (8), Kyle (6), fraternal twins Sophie & Josh (5), Simon (4) Naughty Square
Spielberg Family Sebastian (35), Tess (29) Identical twins Sebastian & Rob (3), Buffy (2) Naughty Pit
Vandal Disposal
Circastance Family Cole (40), Andrea (39) Audrina (16), Kaden (11), Anthony (5) Naughty Swivel
Reflection Room
Naughty Circle
Chore Buddy System
Homework Area
Get What You Hate Chart
Ketchum Family Maria (33), Jamie (35) Melissa (18), Aishah (16), Batrisyia (16), Taylor (13), Trina (11) Naughty Swivel
Reflection Room
Green Smoothie
Killer Family Sierra (39), Austin (42) Maurice (14), Beatrice (5) Naughty Tent
Naughty Corner
Stay in Bed
Cigarette Disposal
Vandal Disposal
Worker Family Christine (29) Oliver (7), Jeff (6), Kent (4), Maybel (2) Naughty Platform
Naughty Pit
Devlin Family Kayla (40), Tabitha (40) Angel (12), Izzy (6), Dianna (1) Reflection Room
Lose What You Like Chart
Green Smoothie
Baby Log
Snack Box Technique
Jon Family Billybob (35), Melissa (34) Henry (11), Peter (7) Reflection Room
Thought Box
Kaiba Family Toshio (32), Aika (30) Yamamoto (10)
Mineyo (7)
Naughty Room
Thought Box
Vandal Disposal
Trust technique
Roba Family Adulio (30), Achai (30) Aciano (9), Agata (8), identical twins Abidendo & Abejudio (4) Naughty Toilet
Fossey Family Beth (37) Priscilla (8), Geoffrey (7) Reflection Room
Shared Play
Supermanny Special (O'Hamish Family) Karl (33), Bronagh (39) Shayne (11)
Emmett (10)
Cillian (9)
Aoife (8)
Reflection Area
Allowance Chart
Thought Box
Block Violence
Vandal Disposal
Wailems Family Revisited Calm Down Zone
Lose What You Like Chart
Get What You Hate Chart

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