No. Episode Airdate Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Child(ren) Technique(s)
Kyra Family The parents are dead

Fraternal twins Katie and Ken (22), Katie's fiancé Jamie (21), Brooke (15), Samantha (11), Ling (10)

Katie and Jamie's son Tommy (4)

Reflection Room
Lose What You Like Chart
Naughty Platform
Thought Box
Himi Family Belle (27), Gordon (31) Dallas (7), Zack (5), Geraldine (3) Naughty Step
Guthrie Family Jenna (37), Reg (42) Emily (8 1/2), Jacob (5) Thinking Pond
Wheaton Family Amy (40) Sherri (16), fraternal twins Julian and Justin (12), Stacie (6) Lose What You Like Chart
Naughty Couch
Reward Chart
Stay in Bed
Family Time
Supernanny Season 15 Special Update No New Episode No New Episode No New Episode
Koyo Family Satoko (34), Hiro (35), Yume (40) Asuka (17), Dai (15), fraternal septuplets Toshio, Amaya, Jiro, Emiko, Kenji, Cho and Satoshi (12), identical twins Makoto and Koji (3), identical twins Hanako and Yuki (2) Naughty Pit
Reward Chart
Thought Box
Paci-Fairy technique
Potty Training
Bye Bye Bottle
Mommy and Me
Supermanny Special (Yukimura Family) Keisha (22), Jim (24) Sunshine (4 1/2), identical twins Eden and Zoe (2) Naughty Seat
Simpson Family Revisited Max (50), Barbara (47) Lester (21), Eliza (19), Maybel (12), Ross (8)
Matsuki Family Josephine (23) Fraternal twins Phoebe and Kaiden (4) Naughty Circle
Duric Family Alana (29), Melanie (32) Jessica (6), Matthew (4) Calm Down Zone
Mommy and Me
Family Time
Reward Chart
Hida Family Kyle (28), Melissa (27) Identical triplets Sienna, Samantha and Sarah (3) Naughty Pit
Shared Play
Stay in Bed
Mommy and Me
Barrios Family Frida (32), Ricardo Sr (38) Rosa (6), Identical octuplets Roberto, Ricardo Jr, Gonzalo, Jose, Esteban, Hugo, Marco and Carlos (4) Naughty Platform
Fliany Family Revisited Martin (40), Juliette (40) Blake (15), Tyson (12), identical twins Lianne and Rita (4) Naughty Swivel
Jetley Family Francine (34) Ronan (9) and twins Aiden and Alastair (5) Naughty Platform
Barahona Family Agnethe (27), Søren (27) Identical decaplets Ava, Lydia, Mary, Katja, Oline, Dorthe, Ursula, Emma, Sarah and Sanne (4 1/2) Super Naughty Bench, Point Chart, Good Eater, Lose What You Like Chart, Get What You Hate Chart, Point Green Smoothie
Kwong Family Ji min (21) Triplets Ji gung, Ji gong and Ji dong (3) Naughty Pit
Toy Confiscation
Futterman Family Butch (57), Talia (50) Sheila (33), Joyce (26), Morris, 17, Florence (16), Katy (14), Calvin (12), Diamond (10), Leonard (7), Robby (5), Nadia (3) Naughty Desk
Reflection Area
Naughty Rectangle
Sycamore Family Libby (38) Darla (6), Stanley-Clarke (4) Naughty Platform
Detweiller Family Paige (29), Dalton (36) Rembrandt (9), identical twins Jacob and Daniel (3) Naughty Pit

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