In this episode, nanny Gloria travels to Melbourne Island, NU to help Kidswere Sostupidthattheywere Madetobedead (40)... Hold on, timeout. KIDSWERE SOSTUPIDTHATTHEYWERE MADETOBEDEAD?!?! That's right, his name was formally Chris Fairclough, but he changed it to that. He is married to Haleigh Fairclough (35). They both have 3 children. Malvina (17), Kolby (10), and Serrena (5) who has autism. Malvina and Kolby are both 100% well-behaved, but it's Serrena that causes chaos in the house due to autism.

She hits, kicks, spits and yet even attempts to commit suicide. Kidswere is the #1 in the Guinness World Record Book for the most selfish person of the year. He has thousands, and I mean LITERALLY thousands of abusive discipline techniques such as Creepy Zoo, Soap in the mouth wen swearing, spankings, groundings, force feeding with hot sauce, mean pranks, Winston the Bulldog, duct taping to the wall, banishing in the attic, cold showers, throwing, emotionally abusing, burping and farting in the kids' faces, and even makes fun on the kids. He also shook baby Cam to death due to him interrupting him with crying while the latter was watching an R-Rated movie before abandoning his body in the woods. Can Gloria tame the dad and the kids?