Exploding Spirit (German: Explodieren Geist, Japanese :スピリットを爆発, Italian: Esplodendo Spirito, Simplified Chinese: 爆炸精神) is a German-Japanese-Italian-Chinese punk rock-death metal band formed by 5 adoptive siblings from the Kiranoko Family, Hans, age 12, from Germany, Setsuko and Satoko, age 11, from Japan Sun Wei and Sun Chen, age 13, from China and Alda, age 6, from Italy who is considered the 5th member. It is also the band played at Kiranoko Sparkle Party. They do covers of songs and their own.

Band MembersEdit

  • Hans: Vocals and Guitar
  • Alda: Vocals, Keyboard, Harp.
  • Setsuko: Guitar
  • Satoko: Drums
  • Sun Wei: Bass Guitar
  • Sun Chen: Rhythm Guitar, Keyboard, and Backing Vocals.


In Supernanny: The Theory AnimatedEdit

The band made an appearance in Exploding Spirit Comes to Town. They performed at their own concert to entertain the team. But suddenly, things go awry as the stereo and the instruments stop working properly. However, they were soon fixed by the team.


  • Alda was the final member to join the band.


It generally received positive reviews from critics, but negative reviews from the people at Gadadhara Bobbalu School, saying it was too loud and they let a 12-year old child sing a song about Giuseppe Todaro and how horrible he is.