An Essay Order is a discipline technique used on a child that misbehaves, or a parent that is selfcentered.


One set of stepsEdit

  1. Explain to child/parent that they must write an essay about what they did wrong
  2. Parent/nanny/child to supervise the child/parent as they write the essay

FINAL STEP 1: After finishing the essay, the child/parent must read it out in front of family members FINAL STEP 2: Refusal to write an essay will result in either loss of privileges, time out or being sent to bed early, or restraining order

Other set of stepsEdit

  1. Go to
  2. Explain to child/parent that they must write an essay explaining the errors of their ways
  3. Tell child/parent to write a specific-byte essay

Note: Final steps are the same as the first set of steps.


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