Erin Jumpline (born May 16, 2011) is the youngest child of Marvin and Amanda Jumpline and the fraternal undecaplet sister of Orla, Kayla, Teddy, Bryce, Sherman, Kaidyn, Nicholas, Trent, Tristin and Adrian.


She has shoulder-length brown hair that is voluminous and full of waves.


Family TreeEdit


  • Her full name is Erin Maddy Jumpline
  • She and her undecaplet siblings are all fans of Sesame Street
  • Her favorite color is red
  • Her favorite TV show is Sesame Street
  • Her favorite movie is Disney's Frozen
  • Her favorite toys are her Rosita plush and her Curious George plush
  • Her favorite candy is Swedish Fish
  • Her favorite snack is Yam & Jam muffins
  • Her favorite drink is Yoo-Hoo
  • Her favorite dessert is Oreo pie
  • Her favorite dish is
  • She hates spinach and liver
  • She is the youngest of all undecaplets


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