Before the Revolving Line of CreditEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny, Jo meets the Eriksonner Family. With four out-of-control boys."

[Fred and Barry wrestle each other, knocking over a vase in the process]

Sarah: "Oh my god! Boys!"

Derek: "(Bleep)!"

[Peter runs through the house naked]

Sarah: "Peter, come back here."

[Sarah chases him]

Jo: "You will have to listen to what your parents say. If you don't..."

Fred: "Well what if they tell me to do something really dumb."

Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "Let's take a look and see who we got here this time."

???: "Hi, we're the Eriksonner Family! I'm Sarah, and I'm a wedding planner!"

???: "And I'm Mikey, a construction worker."

Sarah: "And we have four sons. Fred who is 11, Barry who is 9, Derek who is 4 and Peter who is 2."

Derek: "Eat my shorts!"

Sarah: "Derek, get out. We are doing the submission reel."

Derek: "I don't (bleep)ing care."

[Fred and Barry run into the room, Peter trailing after them]

Mikey: "Boys, we are doing the submission reel."

[Barry jumps on the couch, laughing]

Jo: "Well those boys are definitely running this household. Don't worry Sarah and Mikey, I'm on my way." 

Parents MeetingEdit

Jo: "You are a beautiful young couple with four beautiful children."

Sarah: "Thank you."

Jo: "But, I am appaled by the behavior I am seeing."

Mikey: "Oh that we know. We know it's appaling."

Jo: "You maybe know, but you are not doing anything about it either, are you?"

Sarah: "I spank them."

Jo: "And that is part of the problem. Because you are teaching your sons that it is okay to hit."

Sarah: "I don't really feel that way."

Jo: "Well, I need for you to be 100% commited to not spanking them anymore. If you are not, then I might as well leave."

[Sarah hesitates]

Jo: "Sarah?"

Sarah: "Okay. I'll try."

Jo: "I'll be back first thing tomorrow morning."

Derek: "NO!"

Sarah: "Derek, that's rude."

[Jo laughs]

House RulesEdit

Jo: "Today I decided to introduce the Eriksonner the Family House Rules."

[Mikey and Sarah gather their sons to meet Jo in the living room for a meeting]

Jo: "All right, everyone. Today I'd like to introduce the Family House Rules."

Sarah: "Are you boys paying attention? This is very important that you listen."

[The boys are sleeping]

Jo: "How about we wake them up now, Sarah and Mikey?"

[Mikey walks over and begins to shake the boys awake]

Barry: "What the (bleep)?!"

Jo: "I could not believe what Barry said."

Jo: "First rule: no swearing."

Barry: "Blah blah blah blah. You are annoying me. That's not swearing."

Jo: "No, but it is backchatting. Second Rule: No backtalk."

Mikey: "You hear that boys?"

[The boys just stare at him]

Fred: "I thought we weren't allowed to talk back."

Jo: "Rule number three: No hurting one another."

Derek: "But I like hurting people, it's fun."

Jo: "Hearing a four-year-old say this is quite disturbing to say the least. I cannot believe that the parents are not as appalled by this as I am."

Naughty Room and Naughty StepEdit

Jo: "I'm now going to introduce the Naughty Step."

Barry: "I'm not sitting on some dumb Naughty Step."

Jo: "That is right. You are not."

[Barry looks confused]

Jo: "You will be sitting in a Naughty Room."

Barry: [Bleep]

Jo: "And off you go to the Naughty Room right now."


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