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Allergy Attack!Edit

Affecting DietrichEdit

Samuel: "We meet again, Dietrich! Taste this milk and smell the pollen!"

Affecting AiEdit

Samuel: "Too chicken to try grapes?! Your allergy ain't a f***ing excuse!"

Affecting TarikoEdit

Samuel: "Pokémon lover, eat corn, wimpy Asian!"

Affecting AntoninoEdit

Samuel: "Time to take your pills, Italian brat!"

Affecting ZhaoEdit

Samuel: "Pizza's ready, c***k!"

Affecting HansEdit

Samuel: "I'll show you Burger King, German pretty boy!"

Affecting AliEdit

Samuel: "Hey Malay! Eat shrimp, ugly chimp!"

Affecting AnnaEdit

Samuel: "Russian skink! You're going down with crab!"

Affecting RyouEdit

Samuel: "Are you nuts? Here's nuts!"

Affecting Satoko SamoEdit


[Satoko is force-fed tree nuts]

The Big SwapEdit

Samuel: "If I discard that nasty junk, I'll replace it with allergy-causing stuff!"

[Samuel throws out the items in the Shack of Triumph]

Samuel: "Now to replace them with stuff people are allergic to!"

[Samuel replaces the items with allergy trigger products such as lactose, pollen, nuts, shellfish, etc.]

Samuel: "Tee-hee-hee!" (Sneaks off as if nobody was looking)

Satoko Samo's First Hospital ExperienceEdit

[Satoko is laying in the hospital bed]

Tokiko Okina: "Don't worry! Toshio and I will help you get better!"

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