Before the Revolving Line of CreditEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny...Jo heads to North Carolina on a mission to help a single mom take back the control from her unruly ne'er do-well children."

Submission ReelEdit

Jo Frost: "I'm in Rockingham, North Carolina ready to help a single Jewish mother help who desperately needs my help, so you better take a look."

???: "Hi, I'm Laura Elean! I'm a single mom from Rockingham, North Carolina. I'm here to talk about my children. Starting with Zach, he's the oldest. He's 7. Here's Sophia, she's 3 years old. There's Nate, he's 2, and last, but certainly not least, my youngest by 22 months old Ingrid. Zach teaches his younger siblings naughty words."

Nate: "(bleep),"

Sophia: "(bleep)."

Sophia: "(bleep),"

Zach: "(bleep),"

Laura: "Zach, could you please refrain from swearing?"

Observation BeginsEdit

Laura: "Zach, if you don't stop swearing, I'm taking your Legos away for a week."

[Nate is watching some Go Diego Go DVDs on TV]

Observation ContinuesEdit

Jo: "Later on, it was time for the family to go to the Synagogue."

[Sophia is watching Dora the Explorer on TV]

Laura: "Kids, time to go to the Synagogue."

[The kids gather in the car and drive to the synagogue]


Laura: "A kosher meal cannot have both meat and dairy products at the same meal. We are also not allowed to have pork, pork products, birds of prey, blood or shellfish."

Parent MeetingEdit

House RulesEdit

Jo: "I'm here today to introduce some house rules."

Zach: "Rules suck."

Jo: "I beg your pardon? Rule number making others learn profanity. Rule number two...treat this house with respect."


Jo: "Mom never disciplined Nate or Sophia, so I decided to give her the Naughty Pit."

[Jo brings in a light blue clean trash can-shaped piece of furniture and a sack full of blue beanbags]

Jo: "Today, I'd like to introduce to you...the Naughty Pit."

Jo: "It wasn't long before Nate kicked up."

[Nate throws a potato latke across the dining room, knocking over the menorah]

Sophia: "Mom, look what Nate did!"

Laura: "What did he do?"

Sophia: "He knocked over the menorah."

Laura: "Nate, time to go to the Naughty Pit."

Nate: "NO!"

Laura: "Yes, you do!"

[Laura deposits Nate into the Naughty Pit and discards 10 beanbags into the pit]

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