Edward Eaglestone (born December 7, 2012) is a son of John and Rebecca Eaglestone.



Family TreeEdit

  • Father: John Eaglestone (1984-)
  • Mother: Rebecca Eaglestone (née: Cross) (1987-)
  • Brothers: Richard Eaglestone (2007-), James Eaglestone (2013-)
  • Sisters: Frances Eaglestone (2008-), Grace Eaglestone (2010-), Abigail Eaglestone (2011-), Olivia Eaglestone (2014-)
  • Aunts: Kelly Cross-Temple (1986-), Lili Stone-Eaglestone (1983-), Pat Eaglestone-Saki (1988-), Rita Cross-Yuki (1987-)
  • Uncles: Trevor Temple (1985-), Mark Eaglestone (1987-), Eli Saki (1988-), Wayne Eaglestone, Jeff Yuki (1986-)
  • Cousins: Joseph Eaglestone (2009-), Scott Yuki (2015-), Taylor Yuki (2010-), Lou Saki (2011-), Bruce Eaglestone (2012-), Gretchen Temple (2008-), Andrew Temple (2009-), Ahmet Saki (2013-), Jake Eaglestone (2006-)
  • Grandmothers: Moon Eaglestone (1959-), Mika Cross (1957-)
  • Grandfathers: Michael Eaglestone (1956-), Henry Cross (1958-)


  • His full name is Edward Winston Eaglestone
  • His favorite book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin, Jr. & Eric Carle
  • His favorite activities are playing on the swings and jumping on the trampoline
  • His favorite movie is Disney\Pixar's Toy Story
  • His favorite TV show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • His favorite food is hot dogs
  • His favorite color is green
  • He is a huge fan of Disney Junior


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