The Eddon Family is a fanon season 23 episode of Supernanny. Gloria heads off to Topeka, KS to meet the Eddon Family. Kyle, age 41 has lost his wife Queenie due to a car crash. He has 2 adopted sons: Timmy, age 9 (from Australia), and Marlin, age 4 (from Northern Ireland in the UK). Timmy is well-behaved, but Marlin is far from that. He screams, spits, bites, hits, kicks, uses bad words, flips his father off, and always tells his father to SHUT UP (his words, not mine!). Timmy feels left out due to his little brother's bad behavior. Worst of all, Marlin got expelled from preschool! Can Gloria give Marlin a chance to turn over a new leaf or will this family become Marlin's lunch? This episode marks an issue of the Naughty Stool, Thought Box, Reward Chart (Pokemon for Timmy, Kipper the Dog for Marlin), Memory Box, Green Smoothie.

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