Jo Frost-11-25-11

In this episode, Jo heads to Cheyenne to help Tamsin Douglas (22), a college student who is struggling to keep her brothers and sisters under control and keep up with her studies. At 16, Tamsin and her siblings lost their mother, Tabitha to breast cancer causing their father, Conrad to marry someone else the next two years. The next three years, he died from a heart condition. The stepmother, Frieda (38), works 24 hours a day as a real-estate agent and this has forced Tamsin to become the parent. Identical twin brothers Ricky and Randy (both 17) and sisters Marisa (14) and Kara (10) are well-behaved, but it's younger siblings Jasmine (8) and Gordon (6) that control the household. Jasmine throws tantrums and constantly whines when things don't go her way, while Gordon likes to snack on junk food and this has effected his eating patterns. Can Jo help this overwhelmed college student and get the help she needs or will she flunk out?

Discipline techniques used: Reflection Room and Lose What You Like Chart

Other techniques used: Good Eater, Roaming Technique, Snack Box Technique, Chore Chart and Homework Area