Kendra Lawson and Gloria Robison travel to Melbourne, Florida to meet the Dorsies. Cameron Dorsie (47) and Zoey Dorsie (32) have 6 adopted kids, Lisa (19, from UK), Victoria (16, from Australia), Juu (12, from Japan), Amy (8, from Canada), Jean (6, from France) and Ye-ding (4, from South Korea) and 4 kids of their own, George (14), Lily (5) and Colin (2). Juu, Jean and Ye-ding don't speak english. Victoria is pregnant with her upcoming daughter, she will give birth next week, Colin refuses to go to bed and Amy refuses to eat, which puts her health on the line since she has Type 1 Diabetes. Will Kendra and Gloria help this large family get back on track?

This episode introduces the Naughty Stool and Good Eater (for Amy), Stay in Bed (for Collin) and Learn English (for Juu, Jean and Ye-ding).

Other techniques: See Me, Hear Me Technique