Dora Lottie (born September 6, 2011) is the youngest child of Allen and Kaila Lottie and the fraternal sextuplet sister of Bill, Ike, Mira, James and Opal.



Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Allen Lottie (1979-)
  • Mother: Kaila Lottie (née: Deloach) (1979-)
  • Brothers: Eric Lottie (2010-), Bill Lottie (2011-), Ike Lottie (2011-), James Lottie (2011-)
  • Sisters: Marie Lottie (2010-), Opal Lottie (2011-), Mira Lottie (2011-)
  • Aunts: Glenn Lottie, Helen Lottie, Grizelda Deloach, Lily Deloach, Ginny Deloach
  • Uncles: Ed Deloach, Harry Lottie, Ubb Lottie, Danny Deloach
  • Cousins: Zackron Lottie, Taylor Deloach, Brett Lottie, Chett Lottie, Ron Deloach
  • Grandmothers: Norma Lottie ( -), Isabelle Deloach (-)
  • Grandfathers: Joel Lottie ( -), Ted Deloach ( -)


  • Her full name is Dora Kimberley Lottie
  • Her favorite color is purple
  • Her favorite toy is is her cabbage patch kids doll


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