In this episode, Kendra heads to Melbourne, Australia to help Colin (34) and Michelle Dolling (30) who have two sets of twin daughters and a newborn son. While identical twins Lucy and Lia (both aged 7) are well-behaved, it's fraternal twins Sheila and Sheryl (both aged 5) that misbehave. They terrorize their older twin sisters and their parents by hitting, kicking, punching, spitting and even refusing to sleep in their own beds at night. Due to Sheila and Sheryl's bad behavior, Michelle hardly has any time to spend with baby Christian (12 weeks old). Will Kendra be able to save this family?

Discipline techniques used: Thinking Pond and Toy Confiscation

Other techniques used: Baby Log, Stay in Bed, Family Time, Managed Play Technique, Mommy & Me, White Sheets and Reward Chart (Daisy Duck for Lucy and Lia / Strawberry Shortcake for Sheila and Sheryl)